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 "I just have to tell you how much I appreciate your help in straightening out my Vertigo.  I was in sad shape when I came in and by three visits I was better! You're a miracle worker!"


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Congratulations to Elevate Physical Therapy & Pain Center Inc on being the on top Physical Therapist in Brevard ranking of 2015.
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Post-Operative Programs


At ELEVATE, our post-operative rehabilitation programs are designed to achieve maximum recovery from surgery safely and effectively. These treatment protocols are based on the most recent and proven research to promote proper healing, and protect appropriate structures from harmful stress.  Our post-operative programs willl facilitate the patient's knowledge of their condition and expected recovery, and patients will receive expert guidance and follow treatment plans that are proven and take into account their personal recovery goals.

An effective rehab program should accomplish and/or address the following:

  • Greater understanding of the post-operative rehabilitation process and expectations.
  • Avoid lingering effects of injury and reduce the risk of re-injury.
  • Expert guidance in treatments designed to achieve recovery goal.
  • Reduce post-surgical swelling and pain.
  • Increase tissue healing.
  • Restore maximum range of motion and pain free movement.
  • Maximize muscular strength, endurance, and joint stability.
  • Improve overall function in daily activity quickly and safely.
  • Learn how to avoid future problems.
  • Sleep better and have a higher level of energy and alertness.
Common Surgical Cases Treated
  1. Total knee replacement
  2. Hemi-knee replacement
  3. Ligament repairs (ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL)
  4. Meniscectomy
  5. Joint arthroscopy
  6. Tendon repairs (quad tendon, patellar tendon)
  7. Below the knee amputation
  8. Care after surgical fixation of the thigh, knee cap, tibia (plateau fractures)
  1. Rotator cuff repair
  2. Labrum repairs (SLAP and anterior labrum)
  3. Total shoulder replacement
  4. Arthroscopy
  5. Capsulorraphy
  6. Dislocation 
  7. Care after fractures of the shoulder blade, and upper arm (proximal humerus)
  1. Neck fusion (ACDF)
  2. Kyphoplasty
  3. Micro-lumbar discectomy
  4. Lamenectomy
  5. Lumbar fusion
  6. Disk replacement
  7. Care after fractures of the spine (compression, etc.)
  1. Total hip replacement
  2. Arthroscopy
  3. Labrum repair
  4. Above the knee amputation
  5. Care after fractures of the pelvis and upper thigh (femur)
  1. Elbow dislocation
  2. Ulnar nerve transposition surgery
  3. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  4. Finger dislocation
  5. Finger Amputation and reconstruction
  6. Care after surgical fixation of fractures of the arm, wrist, and hand
    1. Tarsal tunnel syndrome
    2. Bunionectomy
    3. Tendon repairs (achilles tendon, peroneal tendon)
    4. Care after surgical fixation of ankle and foot fractures
    5. Joint arthroscopies

How long before results realized?

Recovery time depends on injury type and severity. 

Be Wary Of...

  • Treatments only focused on pain or anti-inflammatory drug use for extended periods.
  • Treatments by inexperienced therapists or unqualified staff.
  • Therapists who do not explain your condition, review the expected steps to recovery, or answer questions adequately.

Why Act Now?
Strengthening the muscles around the joint prior to surgery leads to a better and faster recovery. Effective rehabilitation before and after surgery is every bit as important as the surgery itself. Call our office for more information at (828) 877-2110). Soon you can be on the road to a pain free life!